My Story

Hello family, friends, and new friends. Welcome to my Personal Website. I've been a Independent Consultant for a few years now. I love this job! Meeting new people, making new friends, and getting PAID TO PARTY are my favorite PERKS of this job! So here's a few fun facts about myself. I am a 36 year old, stay at home mom living in the heart of Central California, Fresno. In love with a wonderful man for the last 11 years, who supports me in every way possible!. I've always worked my whole life, therefore being at home now is quite a change. But I am blessed to be able to, since it gives me more time with our children and MORE TIME for SCENTSY!  I was introduced to the product by a family member. I must say I was sold INSTANTLY. That's when I decided to start my business, and take that plunge into becoming an Independent Consultant! So, feel free to ask me any questions about the many products available. Scentsy has been doing some amazing things within the company and taking Wickless Candles on whole other level!! JOIN ME ON FACEBOOK For more information on monthly specials and SCENTSY GIVEAWAYS!!!! Thats right, I give away FREE SCENTSY from time to time. Only the BEST FOR MY CUSTOMERS!!!! Thank you all for your continued support! <!--endbody-->